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Position: Shanghai
1 week, Jan 2018
Visual design, Motion Graphics, Packing design, Product design

/ Overview

Musical theater is an artistic form combining music, performance, stage effect and so on. But when I managed to design the CD package for Mozart!, I found that traditional musical CD could present nothing but musical part without providing much visual and emotional information.
Therefore, I designed some motions for each song according to plots of Mozart! through attaching AR technology to the package, so that people could enjoy not only the music, but other parts like performance.

/ Development 

/ Packaging

The package consists of three parts: packaging box, CD itself and lyric paper. The packaging box is designed as simple as possible, but when people scan the cover through their phones, they will find that the title Mozart! on the cover is dancing with the rhythm.
Besides, there is a hollowed-out QR code of each song accordingly on the lyric paper. When scanning the QR code, people can see motions designed based on the song plot, so that they can appreciate the visual feast while listening to the music joyfully.

/ Motion Graphics

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