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Floral Cosmonauts & Fluorovine

Position: New York
Duration: Aug, 2019
Team: Harpreet Sareen,
Yating Wu
Role: Product design, Exhibit design, Fabrication
Technic: Arduino(C), Raspberry Pi(Python), Circuit design, Laser cut, Metal work 
Award&Exhibition: Ars Electronica Festival 2019 (Linz, Austria)

/ Overview

Floral Cosmonauts and Fluorovine are two projects which collected the data at the Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative's Zero-G flight and presented at Ars Electronica Festival in 2019.

/ Design & Implementation

Flourovine is a modified living plant with chemical markers injected inside its cells, wherein the intracellular messaging of plants is intercepted and exposed in another spectrum. The plant is exposed to various gravity changes aboard the Zero gravity flight that leads to instant Calcium signaling inside the plants. The permeable dye inside the cells reacts with Ca markers to produce signals visible to onboard microscope instrumentation. In the quest for exo-biology tools that grow plants, Flourovine exposes hidden messenger signals and envisions future instrumentation where our designed tools and botanical architecture share a deeper link. (credit. Ars Electronica)


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