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Exhibit Design for Elowan at Tower Hill botanical gardens

Position: New York / Boston
Duration: Aug 2019
Team: Harpreet Sareen,
Yating Wu
Role: Appearance design, Exhibit design,  Fabrication
Technic: Arduino(C), 3D printing, Laser cut, Wood work
Exhibition: Tower Hill botanical gardens, Boston 2019

/ Overview

“Elowan is a cybernetic lifeform, a plant in direct dialogue with a machine. Using its own internal electrical signals, the plant is interfaced with a robotic extension that drives it toward light.”  (credit. MIT Media Lab, Harpreet Sareen)
Grow bot is an exhibition which introduce the research project Elowan to the public. (Project credit. Harpreet Sareen, Pattie Maes)

/Design & Implementation



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